A scenario engine.

With our software, you can create an interactive narrative that teaches through choice and consequence.

Adaptable tools.

Our system empowers non-technical users to create content with little to no help needed from programmers.

On any device.

Scenarios are accessible on any platform with a web browser.

Observe and evolve.

We offer a variety of options to capture and analyze your users' behavioral data, including xAPI and SCORM integrations.

Create your scenario
with Web-based visual tools

Our data-driven editing interface empowers you to create complex content, derive data and quickly iterate on your designs.

Adaptive interface

Customize the editor to fit your content, adding text, sounds, pictures and other types of media.

Content versioning

Easily write scenario content in multiple languages. Create different version profiles for different media types.


Build and test in a flash

Play your scenario live as you edit it to see the effect of your changes in real time.

Flexible frontend

Easily modify the appearance and behavior of your user interface by extending our collection of templates.

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